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Legal professional Rashmi Dubé for some great networking tips!

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Watch our video interview with top legal professional Rashmi Dubé for some great networking tips.

We caught up with Rashmi at the Leeds HQ of her own firm, Legatus Law, and talked about the legal sector in Leeds, the value of speaking at networking events and the importance of following up on new contacts.

Check out the video link provided to hear more from Rashmi.


28 Ways to ask for Referrals

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Word-of-mouth referrals are one of the most potent forms of marketing available and making this connection work for you at events like the Curry Club can make it even more valuable. Word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and colleagues are still the most influential for gaining business. 84% of global respondents across 58 countries to a Nielsen 2003 online survey said this source was the most trustworthy. Although up 9% since 2007, trust in websites is the next highest at 69% and 68% of respondents trusted opinions posted online, up 7% from 2007. How can you make the most potent form of marketing; referrals, work for your business? Jane Harrad-Roberts gives us 28 ideas.


  1. Do you know anyone else who might need our services?
  2. Is there anyone you know who may be interested in ….?
  3. Do you know anyone with similar issues to those we’ve solved for you? Do you know anyone else we could help?
  4. I believe we’ve delivered what you needed from us. Who else do you know (outside your sector) who would benefit in the same way?
  5. How have other people you know dealt with this problem?
  6. Are any of your business contacts expressing dissatisfaction with their existing suppliers of our type of service?
  7. We are always interested in potential projects, have you got any developing situations with which we can help?
  8. We’ve built a lot of experience in this area now, so if you know of anyone who would be interested / needs help I’d be delighted to talk to them.
  9. Do you have any colleagues to whom we should speak about our products and services?
  10. We occasionally give briefings and send out mailings. Who do you know who would be interested in receiving them?
  11. We are in the process of updating our mailing lists.  We only want to send information out to relevant people.  Do you know anyone who you think should be on it?
  12. We are trying to build up a wider number of contacts for our marketing activities. Do you know of anyone I might speak to?
  13. I know you are also involved with other companies. Would it be useful for me to present to them too?
  14. We are constantly developing our business so would you be a reference to a new client?  Incidentally, are there any situations you know of where we could help?
  15. Would you mind if I passed your name on to my clients, and perhaps you could do the same?
  16. Are you pleased with our services? Have you mentioned our name to any other organisations?
  17. We are concentrating our efforts on this type of work.  I’m sure you must know of others.
  18. (If you are confident your services are good) I don’t believe we’ve ever had any referrals from you. Is there any reason for this?
  19. Do you ever get the opportunity to meet other people in your field to whom you could introduce us?
  20. If you give us an introduction to any organisation that becomes a client, I may be able to give you a reduction in your fees. Does this interest you?
  21. Do you remember that work you put us forward for?  It was x years ago, have you any more like that? It was just the kind of work we were looking for.
  22. Can you think of anyone else that we could do work for?
  23. We are looking to expand, I’m sure you are aware of others whom we could approach.
  24. You’re happy with what we’re doing, we get on well together, who else do you know who would benefit from working with us?
  25. One of my objectives is that you will be so happy with our services that you’d recommend us in the future.
  26. We are working together because ‘Alex’ introduced us; can I ask who else you know …?
  27. Much of our work comes via referrals, who do you know …?
  28. Who do you bank with?  / Who are your lawyers? (with a view to approaching their other clients)

Jane Harrad-Roberts is the Managing Director of London and Chester based Marketing PRojects and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. More information and more ideas on winning business, with downloadable helpful hints & tips at

Notice of price changes May 1st 2014

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Club membership subscription 

CClubWe have made a final adjustment to our membership package for 2014/15 after discussions with our existing and potential members. The Curry Club has a regular following and in order to bring you more events in more cities, we need to bring on-board further members to support the growth of our company. From today our new simplified membership package has been released priced at just £99 for a 12 month single member subscription or £299 for a corporate subscription. Both packages now includes massive discounts off the admission of all our events.

40% off event bookings

From June 1st 2014 we will be increasing our membership discount rate from 20% to 40%, which means attendance at any of our Curry Club, PiB or Hush events* with be discounted by a massive 40%, this applies to both new and existing members. *excludes special events.

Pending event price increases


From July 1st 2014, we will be increasing the price of our Northampton Curry Club event from £22 to £25.

From September 1st 2014, we will be increasing the price of our London (Smithfield) Curry Club event from £25 to £30.

From September 1st 2014, we will be increasing the price of our Manchester Curry Club event from £20 to £25.

If you are a regular attendee at any of these events then you will receive a significant cost saving by joining up as a member.


Thank you for your continued support, we hope to see you soon at one of our upcoming events.



5 Top Tips for Networking

Written by James Hanson on . Posted in Blog

5 Top Tips for Networking

Here at Networking In The City we stage networking events for a range of business sectors across the UK. We find that our clients keep coming back to our events because they quickly appreciate the new contacts and ideas that they pick up whilst attending. But how do they make sure that they get the most out of the event? Here are our top 5 networking tips to help you make the most of business networking.

1 - Come Prepared

Networking events are most likely to be held over lunch or in the evening, at the end of a busy day. Either way, you’ll probably be heading there straight from work and may not have lots of time to prepare. That’s not the end of the world, what’s important is that you do some very basic preparation.

First of all, make sure you know what you’re hoping to achieve from the event – are you looking for potential new clients, partners or are you in search of journalists and influencers who can publicize your business? Work out what you want to achieve from the event, and then work towards that goal.

Secondly, make sure you bring enough business cards. Nothing looks more unprofessional than not having enough to hand out or having to pass over your phone number on the back of a napkin.

Finally, look the part. Some events will have a dress code, but most will be business formal. There’s nothing wrong with shaking things up a little but remember that you are representing your business and be sure to make your dress fit in with your brand identity.

2 - Sell Yourself

The secret to good business is strong personal relationships. People might be impressed by your business pitch, but ultimately they’ll be checking whether you’re the kind of individual they can see themselves having a meeting with or working alongside in the future.

Make sure you appear personable and charming, and don’t be afraid to talk about something other than business. After a while, all that office talk can get a bit much and you’ll be doing your chances of future business just as much good by striking up a good personal relationship with someone through a sports chat or discussing last night’s TV.

3 - Ask Questions and Listen

Networking is a two-way street and it isn’t all about you and your business. Remember that other people will want to tell you about their work, too, and it’s important that you appear interested and engaged in what they’ve got to say. Not only will be make them more likely to want to hear about your business, you may also discover a new contact with whom you can partner in the future.

Ask questions and be attentive, there’s nothing worse than the guy who won’t shut up about how brilliant their business is and never gives you a chance to speak.

4 - Follow-up

The key to networking successfully is following up on the contacts you’ve made at events. All that small talk is worth nothing if you don’t arrange a meeting or conference call afterwards. Make sure you get peoples’ business cards and don’t feel shy in contacting them first – someone has to.

For more information about the importance of follow-up, check out Kemya Scott’s guest blog on the subject:

5 - Do It Again

Networking events shouldn’t be treated as one-off things. Attending events on a regular or semi-regular basis is most likely to deliver results, plus it will give you a chance to meet new people each time.

Also, remember that you can attend events in different parts of the country or even the world. If your business is national or international, it can be great to spread the message.

Fifa 2014 – Costa Rica vs England

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Brazil-2014Fifa 2014 – Costa Rica vs England

158 Booked! and counting 

Be quick or lose out ! its a going to be a sell out

24th June 2014 – 12:20pm


Location :

Bem Brasil (Deansgate) King Street West, Manchester, M3 2GQ.


Watch Costa Rica vs England on the 24th June in the World Cup 2014 at Bem Brasil whilst feasting on a selection of 14 different meats and a full salad bar.


12:30pm – Meeting starts.
02:00pm – Eating starts.
5:00pm – Game starts.
6:45pm – Finish.


£30 – Single place.
£270 – Table of 10.

To book please download our flyer and order form here.

Chester City Fortune Shapers

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Chester City Fortune Shapers

Chester Curry Club members meet again on 17th April to hear first-hand about one of the most exciting initiatives ever to be launched in Chester city centre: the CH1 Chester BID Company.

ChesterbidThe Chairman of the group is Paul Daniels. He will talk to Curry Club members about the plans to create a Business Improvement District (BID), the latest developments and how a ‘YES’ vote in June will transform the fortunes of our city centre, creating a more prosperous and vibrant city in which to shop, live, work, visit and study.

The Curry Club is organised by ‘Networking in the City’ and every month brings together specialists from the property, finance and construction sectors. Over the years, it has become the monthly networking event not to be missed in this specialised and important sector for Cheshire.

The lunch is held at the Siam Thai and Teppan-Yaki Restaurant, 32 City Road, Chester at 12.30pm and costs £20; places can be booked online at

Marketing and public relations consultancy Marketing PRojects sponsors the events in Chester and London where it has offices.

About the Business Improvement Districts (BIDs)  Increased competition from neighbouring centres and the dramatic rise in on line shopping have seen Chester drop to 59th in the CACI UK retail rankings. To reverse the on-going decline, a committed, enthusiastic group of private sector retailers and business people have launched a campaign to create a Business Improvement District (BID) in the city centre.

All the shops, cafes and other businesses within the defined BID area (visit  for details) will be asked to vote in June this year for a proposal to pay 1% of their rateable value over the next five years which will generate £2.5m to help deliver a full range of improvements and initiatives decided by the BID area businesses themselves.


How To Dress To Impress At Networking Events

Written by James Hanson on . Posted in Blog

How To Dress To Impress At Networking Events

This is a guest blog for Networking In The City by “the UK’s leading etiquette and royal protocol expert” William Hanson.

We judge people within seven seconds of meeting them.  That’s a fact: it’s been proved by psychologists.  We look at how people are walking, standing, how they greet us, but – perhaps firstly – what they are wearing.  We are more likely to gravitate towards those who are dressed in similar clothes to us.  The slick suited accountant is less likely to want to talk to the un-ironed t-shirt wearing media hotshot.

As we only have one chance to make a first impression it always alarms me as to why so few Brits want to bother to get it right, particularly when it comes to the sartorial stakes.  Networking events are more likely to be lounge suit affairs, catering for those who have popped to the event in their lunch hour, or dropped by post-work.

Men are often the worst dressers, turning up to the office or a networking event in a good suit, worn badly.  Follow my tips below to ensure you look the part at future networking events – and, most importantly, people want to come to talk to you!

Colour  Suits should be in grey or navy.  A brown suit is simply beyond the pale for city-wear.

Stripes, checks or plain?  The choice of design is up to the wearer.  Stripes complement the taller man’s stature but should be treated with caution by shorter men – but never worn outside major cities.

Jacket  Two or three-button suits are correct.  One button should only ever be fastened.  On a two-button suit the top one is fastened when standing; on a three button the middle button is fastened only.  All buttons are unfastened when seated to avoid strain.

Shirt  This should be a turndown collar – button down collars (practically a craze in America) are not correct British formal wear and should not be worn with a tie.

Shirtsleeves  Double-cuff or button cuffs are fine – the former being dressier and slightly more formal.  If double-cuffs are worn then you require cufflinks.  Novelty cufflinks are not to be encouraged under any circumstances.  Avoid talking to the man with the beer keg-shaped cufflinks.

Tie design  This is where a bluffer can become unstuck.  Striped ties often have associations with military regiments or public schools.  Unless you are an alumnus of either then avoid wearing their tie or else you will be seen as an imposter.  You can’t go wrong with a plain tie.

Tie style  Skinny ties are like a rash: everywhere!  To many they look as if one can’t afford a proper tie.  Stick to a wider tie (otherwise referred to as a ‘normal tie’) to avoid looking off beat.  The width of your tie should be similar to the width of your lapel.

Tie length  The tie should finish just above the belt/start of the trousers.

Shoes  A lady will say she can tell a lot about a man from his shoes and so they should be well kept at all times: polish them regularly and replace the laces when the aglets (the plastic bit on the end of laces) fall off or begin to fray.  Brown shoes with a business suit is Italian practice but not the done thing on British soil.  Brown shoes are to be reserved for the country.


William Hanson is “the UK’s leading etiquette and royal protocol expert” who has advised businesses and VIPs alike, as well as feature on TV and radio around the world. He is also the author of  the recently released ‘The Bluffer’s Guide To Etiquette’. For more information about William, please visit:

Networking Beyond Business Cards and Elevator Speeches

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Networking Beyond Business Cards and Elevator Speeches

This is a guest blog by Miss Kemya, Marketing Strategist and Social Media Manager at Phisco Marketing.


Are you committed to networking to build your business? Sure, you have a killer bio, and you’ve practiced your elevator pitch to perfection. You’re always armed with a stack of crisp business cards.

You’re attending plenty of networking events, and you even met a couple interesting people in that long line at the grocery store and exchanged business cards.

Is all this networking paying off in a major way? If you don’t feel it is, don’t tear your hair out in frustration. Instead, think about your networking process.

How do you transition a person from stranger to powerful business connection?  How do you continue the relationship after the initial small talk, to make networking a meaningful business activity?

You may be missing a critical element of the networking process that so many people skip altogether.

Of all the networking tips you read, try, and practice, there is one key to networking that, if overlooked, pretty much makes every other effort a waste of time.

The key is follow-up. Follow-up is the most critical element of the networking process.

The money is in the follow-up. The relationship is built during the follow-up. But I don’t have to tell you that. Think about the networking connections you have made, either online or offline. How did that connection become a relationship? By follow up and engagement beyond the initial conversation right? Of course!

You have to take initiative and follow-up with people in order to develop relationships. Here are three simple action steps you can implement as you develop a system that works for you.

Set a Follow-up Meeting

If the initial conversation is meaningful enough that you want to set a follow-up right on the spot, just go for it! We’re all in business to grow, so take the lead and let the person know you’d like to follow-up. If they’re local, offer to meet them for coffee or drinks. If not, set up a call or Skype to continue the conversation. Then schedule it on your calendar!

Email Follow-up

Send the person a quick “Nice talking to you about x”, “I’d like to keep in touch for” type of note. Sending a brief “nice to chat with you” follow-up email the same day or within 24 hours is not spammy, it’s just good business. You want to solidify the conversation while you’re still fresh in their memory.

Connect via Social Media

Reach out and find those people you want to keep in touch with and find them on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, etc. Take a look at their social media profiles and blog, and if you’re moved to do so, connect with them.

Keep in mind, you won’t necessarily want to connect with every single person you meet around town and during your networking activity. Build your network based on quality conversation, quality interests, and quality connections and you will enjoy following up with people.

It’s not enough to be committed to networking. You must also be committed to building quality relationships. Relationships take time to grow and nurture, and following up to build these relationships is the critical action step that can make a world of difference. You never know what opportunities you may miss as result of not following up with some great people you’ve met along your journey.

I’d love to know how you follow up with new people. Leave a comment and let me know what works for you!


Miss Kemya



Miss Kemya is a Marketing Strategist & Social Media Manager at Phisco Marketing, a marketing consulting firm that facilitates the growth of small businesses through conventional marketing techniques merged with social media tactics. Visit her blog for all your DIY marketing and social media needs, and hire Phisco Marketing to kickstart your marketing and fall back in love with your business!

Curry Club business lunch in Chester on Thursday 20th February

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‘Networking in the City’ specialist in the Property Finance and Construction sectors is holding its next Curry Club business lunch in Chester on Thursday 20th February.

For the first time ever, three lawyers with wide-ranging property experience will talk about ‘Legal Property Nightmares’. Richard (Dickie) Williams Partner at Knights Solicitors LLP, Huw Thomas Commercial Property Partner at Jolliffes & Co Solicitors LLP and Stephen Croasdale Lawyer at Excello Law will discuss how to avoid some of the property pitfalls they have seen, make predictions for 2014 and take questions in advance from the attendees. 

Jane Harrad-Roberts, MD at Marketing PRojects said; “This is the first time we have run this format and it promises to be an interactive, useful event for attendees who I’m sure will be as passionate as ever about the quality of development, ‘making things happen’ and issues concerning the property market in Cheshire.”

The Chester Curry Club is held at the Siam Thai and Teppan-Yaki Restaurant, 32 City Road, Chester at  12.30pm. on the 3rd Thursday of the month. The lunch can be booked online at

 Marketing and public relations consultancy Marketing PRojects sponsors the events in Chester and London. A main sponsor for Chester is currently being sought.

Speaker info:

ChesterCCRichard (Dickie) Williams specialises in legal services for farmers, landowners and landowning companies, across the spectrum from tax and trusts advice to farm partnership and tenancy disputes, land transactions and multi-million £ whole estate sales. Richard also deals with renewable energy transactions for hydro, wind and solar installations from 25Kw to multi Mw schemes, acting for landowners and developers. He is also in charge of niche residential property service, in London and nationwide, focusing on high net worth individuals.

Huw Thomas advises on large lettings, disposals and acquisitions; sales and purchases of commercial property; landlord and tenant work and portfolio management; drafting and negotiating development work documentation; corporate support for both share and business sales and purchases and construction advice in particular for lenders. Huw is also working with developers at an advisory level, construction professionals, and property holding companies.

Stephen Croasdale has extensive experience of a wide range of commercial property transactions, such as commercial banking, commercial leases, corporate support and agricultural land, in particular specialising in residential development. Stephen deals with all aspects of residential developments including options, development agreements, site acquisitions, new home sales, easements, ground rent sales and statutory agreements.

Picture Committing to Curry Club events throughout 2014 for property and finance professionals in Chester; Steve Stewart, Manager of the Siam Thai and Teppan-Yaki Restaurant, Steve Kettle, Managing Director of Networking in the City with Jane Harrad-Roberts MD of Marketing PRojects, sponsors of the Curry Club in Chester and London.

Published by Jane Harrad-Roberts FCIM, Marketing PRojects



How To Get Referrals in 7 Steps

Written by James Hanson on . Posted in Blog

How To Get Referrals in 7 Steps

This guest blog is courtesy of ‘Tweeting Goddess’ Samantha Kelly and offers 7 steps to help your business get referrals.

  1. Join a network of other businesses.  There are many networks out there. Join as many as you think will benefit your business.  If anyone will know how important a referral can be, these other business owners will!
  2. Build relationships with everyone, even the guy you don’t really like. Don’t make enemies or bitch about competitors.
  3. Use popular hashtags on twitter and use social media to network, there are many local ones and global ones for business.
  4. On Social media bring your personality into your tweets and target tweeters who might be hangout or associate with the community/customers you are targeting.
  5. Smile! “Yes, you know that friendly happy chap, I think he does websites” is how you will be remembered. Never close any door behind you, always leave it slightly ajar.
  6. Get referrals for others. They will return the favour someday.
  7. Don’t be shy, ask for one – e.g. ‘will you keep your eyes open and ears peeled if you know anyone who needs their website done’. Go for it, get out there, and be gracious, friendly and professional.

 For more information about Samantha Kelly, please visit

Residential housing forecasts for Curry Club

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AshleyResidential housing forecasts for Curry Club

‘Networking in the City’, specialists in the Property, Finance and Construction sectors held its  monthly Chester Curry Club business lunch on Friday 15th November. Director of award winning Humphreys of Chester, Ashley Hope spoke on the state of the housing market and was able to share some predictions.

 He said; “After a tough five years, the Chester market has been strong in 2013 with evidence showing price increases. The Help to Buy Scheme Two will only improve the market next year leading to more first time buyers. There is the potential for price overheating in the most popular locations which includes Chester which will continue to outperform the majority of North West cities and towns.”

He added; “National house prices are predicted to rise by up to 7% in 2014 but London and South East centric media are guilty of overhyping the market.”

In the Q&A session after his talk Ashley spoke of levels for Chester up to 5%.

Chester Curry Club is the third Thursday in the month at the Siam Thai and Teppan-Yaki Restaurant, 32 City Road, Chester at 12.30pm. Next Curry Club 20th February 2014.

Bristol Curry Club Surfing The Wave

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SONY DSCOver 40 attendees arrived at 4500 miles from Delhi for the second Bristol Curry Club.

Focusing on the sector of sport, hospitality and tourism we had the opportunity to learn about a new exciting sporting project destined for Bristol.

Nick Houndsfield and Chris Hines MBE gave a rousing presentation on a The Wave Project, Bristol.
Nick is Bristol based and has for 18 years worked in the healthcare sector.
He is passionate about surfing and its benefits for public health.

Chris Hines is co-founder of Surfers against sewage, “Britains coolest pressure group”
Chris was also sustainability director at the Eden Project.

• He’s given evidence to UK parliament,
• the Monopolies and Mergers Commission,
• the European Commission,
• briefed the President of the European Parliament,

In 2008, Chris was awarded an MBE, and a doctorate, uniquely he is the only person on the
planet who can say “2008, what a great year!”

Together with Tobin Coles the trio are desirous to deliver surfing and its natural values to all ordinary urban people enabling access for all.

Their plan involves turning fallow farmland into a vibrant activity sector around the world’s first inland surf lake.

The £6.2m project is in the early stages of planning and current timescales are that the site shall be operational by 2015.

The entire audience was won over by the consideration throughout this inspirational project.

Upon completion, it will be another amazing world first for the city of Bristol and its people.

Manchester Italian Masquerade Ladies Night – 28th November 7pm

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Italian MasqManchester Italian Masquerade Ladies Night

28th November 7pm

A fun-packed and indulgent evening for you and your friends. Full of Treats, Live Entertainment, Superb Three course dinner, Exclusive Shopping, Goodie Bags, Bubbly Reception, and Fabulous Raffle prizes. With a great line up of food, drinks and entertainment for all you ladies that deserve a night off. This event is run in aid of the Children’s Adventure Farm Trust.


7:00pm – Drinks reception.
7:45pm – 3 course delicious Italian meal.
with live entertainment from:

Gary C, a fantastic singer solo artist and DJ.
Linda Wright, Writer and a women who has a gift of telling funny stories.
Fabulous raffle prices draw, lots of gifts to be won.

11:30pm – Midnight, carriages.

Hope to see you there… bring your friends!

Click here for more information.

Bournemouth Curry Club – Launch Event

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BournemouthThe nationwide networking organisation, ‘Networking in the City’, will be expanding into the Bournemouth area this month. ‘Networking in the City’ are to host their event, The Curry Club, on 21st November at Indi’s Restaurant in Westbourne.

Professionals from the property, construction and finance sectors are invited to attend to develop working relationships and make important contacts in a relaxed and informal alternative to other business networking events.

Having been successful in 24 other UK Cities previous to Bournemouth, The Curry Club looks set to make a big impact in the South beginning this month from midday to 2.00pm at Indi’s Westbourne, with special guest speaker Mark Liddle, of Mark Liddle Partnership, who will be talking about how to create money and also how to develop the life that you want.

Steve Kettle, Director of Networking in the City, is looking forward to launching the club in Bournemouth, “We’ve taken The Curry Club to other areas such as Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds so I felt it was time to start expanding into the South. We are all too happy to facilitate all kinds of businesses, whether they’re SME’s or large corporate companies. Everyone is welcome and has something to offer.”

Mark Liddle added, “I’m honoured to be the first guest speaker of The Curry Club. Meeting people through this environment is far different from anything else, it’s like meeting with friends and this is how it should be. Relaxed and people sharing ideas and forming contacts, that’s what it’s all about.”
Guest speakers have been lined up for 2014 with various businessmen/women offering unrivalled insight and guidance into construction, property and finance matters, solutions to a problem can always be found.

Bournemouth Curry Club sponsors include Bio Link, Mark Liddle Partnership LTD and Ellis Jones Solicitors.
To find out more about The Curry Club, or to join, please visit our event.


Curry Club presents recipe for residential housing

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Ashley Hope‘Networking in the City’, specialists in the Property, Finance and Construction sectors is holding its  monthly Chester Curry Club business lunch on Friday 15th November.

Director of award winning Humphreys of Chester, Ashley Hope will be speaking on the state of the housing market. He will discuss the effect of the recession and challenges faced, the future of the housing market and opportunities going forward, in particular, the ‘help to buy’ scheme and its implications. Ashley has been in the residential sector since 1995 ‘man and boy’ from office junior to director, all but one of those years working for The Sunday Times’ Best Northern Estate Agent of 2012, Humphreys of Chester. He will be an excellent and entertaining speaker.

For more information please visit our event here.

Winter Wine Fair, Manchester 22nd November

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WinterWinePortland Wine have added together their October and November wine tastings to create one super winter fare; held at The Mercure Bowdon Hotel on Langham Rd Bowdon, on 22nd of November which is the Fourth Friday in November from 6-9pm. Champagnes, sparkling wines, Ports, Madeira’s, spirits, wines from all over the world and of course The Cheshire Cheese Company some old favourites and some new delights. Tickets are on sale at £10 each and groups of 6 or more purchasing there tickets in advance will receive 20% discount, there will be no card payment facilities on the night.
For more information or to book please contact

Portland Wine Company,
152a Ashley Road, Hale
0161 928 0357

Guest speaker, Leader of Trafford Council

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Matthew Colledge

PiBOur Hale PiB event, run in conjunction with the Altrincham & Sale Chamber of Commerce will be run on the 21st November 2013. We have a very interesting guest speaker from the Trafford Council; Matthew Colledge, leader of Trafford Council will give an overview of the Altrincham Hospital project and regeneration of the area. You will have the opportunity to have an exclusive overview of the project.  For more information please click the following link

Winners of the 2013 Business Of The Year Awards

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Networking in the city, Winners of the 2013 Business Of The Year Awards

Business of the year 2013 (1)

Business of the year 2013

We are proud to announce we won the “2013 Business Of The Year Award” for the Altrincham and Sale Chamber of Commerce event; the team have worked hard this year re-branding, developing our new website and membership packages which will be released very soon.

We would like to thank you for all your support and votes and hope to bring you even more benefits and business over the next 12 months. Next month is our launch of the Northampton Curry Club and Bournemouth Curry Club of which we have some great speakers lined up for you.
Business of the year 2013 (2)