We welcome good quality, original content on the topic of networking and job hunting. If you would like to contribute, you can register and submit your article to us directly. We aim to review articles within 14 days of receipt.

Please review the news section for an indication of the standards expected.

Submission rules:

  • Content must be on the topic of careers, networking, job hunting etc
  • Content must be minimum 500 words
  • Content must be completely original and not simply reworded from some other article
  • Content must be well-written without spelling and grammatical errors
  • Content must not cover topics previously discussed, unless your article is much better!
  • Any links must be to relevant sources
  • Generally, content must meet Google’s quality guidelines
  • You must use images from public sources such as websites that allow Creative Commons usage, and provide proper attribution. Alternatively, don’t use images.
  • You may embed relevant videos, resources, sound files etc.

If your article largely follows these rules but needs some small changes, we will contact you regarding these.

If your article flagrantly violates these standards, we will not contact you.

How to submit an article

  1. First, register. Please do check your spam / trash / junk folder for the registration email which will come from [email protected].
  2. Login and on the dashboard, go to POSTS > ADD NEW
  3. Add a title and the content (choose ‘NEWS’ as the category)

We aim to review your content within 14 days.

Page last updated: 20th January 2021