Finding the right talent: your future candidate

In this current market, finding the right talent has become increasingly difficult in many industries. In order to find the candidates you require you must give more thought to your future candidate. Let’s give them five minutes of your time now…

Last month we discussed the candidate’s journey when searching for a new job; let’s delve into the candidate’s process in more detail – understanding your future candidate has never been more important.

The main factors to consider in addition to where candidates look for new positions are: how, when and what.


Google Searches

74% of jobseekers turn to search engines to find their next job, so ensuring your job adverts are found at the top of Google for specific search terms is a must – if they can’t be seen, they can’t be applied for. 


59% of jobseekers use their mobile to search for new opportunities so it is vital that your job vacancies are mobile optimised.

Each year the number of people searching for jobs on their mobile device rises, and this trend will continue as less people use their desktops/laptops. Times are changing and it is important that your recruitment business adapts to these changes.

If a candidate is applying for vacancies on their mobile, comes across your vacancy, clicks it and then struggles to read it and cannot apply for it, they will just move on!


53% of jobseekers use Social Media to find their next job. Are you on Social Media?

Social Media is very useful when it comes to finding the right candidates, checking they are a right fit for a position and marketing yourself as a recruiter to prospective jobseekers.

If candidates are seeking jobs on Social Media, you must ensure that your jobs and your brand are present across these platforms.

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It’s also important to consider when jobseekers are searching for jobs to ensure your vacancies are seen by them at the right time. When do jobseekers search for jobs?

Candidates will mostly be searching for jobs on the commute to work, on their lunch break or in the evening. Of course, those who are out of work will be searching for jobs throughout the day but many of the candidates which you’re looking for, especially very talented ones, will currently be working.

To ensure you are attracting the right talent you need to spread your advertising out so that it’s hitting the top of job boards at ‘peak’ times and scheduling jobs to go out on Social Media at these times – try using a tool like Hootsuite which allow you to schedule your messages.

It’s a common misconception amongst recruiters that candidates will search for jobs at the weekend which is why many recruiters will do their advertising on a Friday afternoon. However, most jobseekers prefer to apply for jobs on a Monday and Tuesday lunch time which are the ‘peak’ times for traffic on job boards. To ensure your adverts are at the top of search lists we advise you to carry out your advertising on a Monday morning – you will start to notice an increase in applications.


And finally, what exactly do candidates want to see when looking for a new job? This is important to consider as you can tailor what you do to what they want.

Candidates want to see well-written adverts, and with so many adverts being posted daily, it’s important to write a compelling advert to stand out from the rest. Reposting the job description you were given by the client is not going to cut it.

It is also important to bear in mind that candidates now have the ability to research you, the recruiter! If you want to appeal to the best talent out there then you need to come across well on Social Media. Jobseekers need reassurance that you’re connected with some of the top names in their industries, share great content and are up-to-date with the market because if you know the market then they are more likely to trust you.


So, looking at today’s candidate, what do you need to do to attract the cream of the talent crop?

  • Ensure your vacancies are found for specific search terms
  • Ensure your vacancies are mobile optimised and easy to apply for
  • Share your jobs and content across a Social Media platforms
  • Schedule your jobs to go out at peak times!

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